Asbury Park

Merino Sheepskin Throw Ink

Our Ink Merino sheepskin rug is rich in its deep dark tone and silky sink-in texture.

These 'must-have' cosy home styling accents will enhance any space with their natural warmth and textural one-of-a-kind beauty. They are versatile and comforting to style as either a dense floor rug or furniture throw. We love their sustainable nature, hypoallergenic and easy to clean nature which makes them the ideal choice for a decor accessory. They also absorb moisture to keep you wonderfully warm in winter, yet cool in summer.

We thoughtfully select ethically sourced pelts by products to produce our collection of sustainable Merino sheepskin throws. We also pride ourselves on ensuring its careful tanning and processing follows strict procedures free from harmful chemicals and dyes to be environmentally friendly and safe for people and pets alike.

Approximate size 108cm x 80cm. Please note however that being a natural product, slight size variations do occur.

This is a dyed product, hence we recommend keeping it away from direct sunlight which may discolour the fleece.