Bison Home

Brian Tunks Cut Glass Vase - Small

To produce these pieces, artisans draw on knowledge and inspiration which can be traced back over the millennia; they use the finest materials and they produce pieces in a huge range of colours and textures.

Bison home proudly collaborates and produces with glass and ceramics studios in the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and India. All pieces in the collection are designed by Brian Trunks in Canberra. 

All of the glass vessels are blown and handcrafted. Our vases may be washed in luke-warm water with detergent. One trick to give any glass a beautiful sheen is to wash them in cold water and carefully towel dry afterwards. You can also bring out the lustre of our glass by sparingly applying a 50:50 mix of vaseline and coconut oil with a sponge and removing any excess with a soft cloth.


 Size: 19 x 17 cm approx.