Studio Mulders

Studio Mulders Anemone Extra Large Vase

Annemieke Mulders develops glazes that remain vibrant after the high firing temperature necessary for durable functional ware. Her aim is to create a surface where the layered glazes interact with the carved surface and start to resemble an abstract painting. Using a palette that is inspired by the amazing coast and outback Australian landscape. 

For her more sculptural work she explores the border and shared space of order, chaos, function, asymmetry and beauty. She creates something that seeks to be all of these things at the same time, evolving and changing in front of you. She uses discarded vessels that are changed by cutting, rearranging or breaking part of its surface. This process of destruction and building up creates a form that is simultaneously fragile, robust, complex and simple. This inherent contrariness demands questioning and defies simple categorisation. 

Annemieke further explores these concepts in context of the Australian landscape, and places her installations in National Parks and beaches, where they interact with their surroundings.

This vase measures 27cm high x 16cm wide at the mouth