Asbury Park

Untitled 25 - Blackman x Bromley

Charles Blackman is regarded as one of Australia’s most significant living artists. A master of modern figurative art, his works have been likened to those of Picasso and Sidney Nolan. As with many iconic Australian artists, Blackman’s first job was as an illustrator for a newspaper, the Sydney Sun. During this time he also attended night classes at East Sydney Technical College before moving to Melbourne in the mid-1940s. It was here that his career as an artist began as he gained the support of art critic and patron John Reed and fellow artists Joy Hester and Robert Dickenson. His importance as an artist only escalated when he exhibited his celebrated Schoolgirl series. Through this collection, Blackman shows his talent for depicting events from the subjects’ unique points of view, using scenes from the lives of the children in Melbourne suburbia to depict his own psychological state. A sense of fear and isolation pervades the series; the often atypical angles infusing the pieces with unease while the bland, washed out colours display a certain remoteness. In recent times Blackman has collaborated with contemporary art master David Bromley to create these unique limited edition prints only available at FINEPRINT co and Bromley & Co. These works are from Charles Blackman sketch books and coloured by David Bromley. 

Measures 41 x 36cm. Rag Paper framed in black